Matcha Latte with Walnut Drink



4 tablespoons matcha
2.5 oz water
3 cups Borges Natura Rice and Walnut Drink
sweetener, to taste


Heat the water, making sure not to boil it and pour the four tablespoons of matcha tea.

Beat well until a smooth mixture is obtained. This step is usually done with the chasen, the typical bamboo stick used in Japan, but if you don’t have one, you can mix the tea and water with any kitchen utensil.

Sweeten the mixture with sugar, honey or any other sweetener you prefer. If you want a drink with a creamy consistency, now is the time to beat the tea with energy, to create the cream.

Pour the tea into the cup and then add the walnut drink, very hot but not boiling. To decorate you can use a touch of matcha tea powder.

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